Requirements for Administration of Exam

ABMRS announced that, effective immediately, the MRI safety certifying exams for MR Medical Director / Physician, MR Safety Officer, and MR Safety Expert, may be made available for administration to virtually any organization, event, or meeting.

In the past six months, since the ABMRS first began administering these certification examinations, almost 400 candidates from across the United States, Canada, and overseas have already registered for and taken one of the MRMD, MRSO, or MRSE examinations. In order to accommodate the growing national demand for MR Safety Certified™ (MRSC™) credentialed professionals, the ABMRS is making administrations of the certifying examinations available to organizations that provide the exam venue, proctors, and guaranteed minimum number of examination registrants. This means that any seminar, facility, university, or professional meeting can also provide a credentialing opportunity for MRSC™ certification.

Please find below a set of criteria that needs to be met in order for the MRTCA to administer ABMRS examinations on-site.

Criteria for Exam Administrations.

  • Minimum of 65 paid exam registrations (guaranteed by the seminar host) within the continental US.
  • Deposit required.  Fully refundable if the minimum number of exams are registered (65 paid exam registrations continental US).
  • Exam administration room rental provided by seminar host.
  • One night paid hotel room (in close proximity to the exam administration site) per 25 exam registrations for MRTCA administrators / proctors.
  • Seminar host to provide one proctor per 50 exam registrations.
  • Electricity/WI-FI to be available for MRTCA to use at no charge.
  • Final approval to host will be on a first come first served basis and dependent upon availability per MRTCA discretion.

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