Board of Directors

ABMRS Board of Directors is composed of the following members and representatives:

ABMRS Board of Directors is composed of the following members and representatives:


William Faulkner, B.S,R.T.(R)(MR)(CT), FSMRT, MRSO (MRSC™)

MR Technologist, MR Education, and Operations Consultant. CEO, William Faulkner & Associates, LLC.



Chief Medical Physicist, University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center; Professor of Radiology, Case Western Reserve University; Chief Diagnostic Medical Physicist, VA Northeast Ohio Healthcare System


David Altman, MD, MRMD (MRSC™)


Neuroradiology Section Chief, Mecklenburg Radiology Associates, Charlotte, NC.


Max Amurao,

Director of Radiation Safety at Washington University in St Louis,  Medical Physicist


Trevor Andrews, Ph.D., DABMP (MRI), MRSE (MRSC™)

Associate Professor of Radiology at Washington University in St Louis.  Currently active in clinical MRI physics. Former Clinical Scientist and Development Lead at Philips Healthcare. R&D experience with pulse sequence design, relaxometry, RF pulse design, RF shimming

  Marco Borri, Ph.D., MIPEM, MRSE (MRSC™), IPEM certified MRSE General MR safety. Lead Clinical Scientist (MR Physics) and  MR Safety Expert at King’s College Hospital, London, UK
  Heidi Edmonson, Ph.D., DABR, MRSO (MRSC™), MRSE (MRSC™)

General MR safety, special expertise in MRI of patients with implanted devices/MRI pulse sequences and artifacts, accreditation expert (ACR and TJC). Medical physicist, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN.

Past Chair of the ABMRS.

     Geoff Charles-Edwards, Ph.D., MRSE (MRSC™) General MR safety. Consultant Clinical Scientist and Head of MR Physics, Guy’s & St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust, London, UK. Liaison to the Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine (IPEM).


President & Chief Medical Physicist  
JF Medical Physics Inc.


Tobias Gilk, MArch, MRSO (MRSC™), MRSE (MRSC™)

Architect, MR Safety Expert, and MRI safety consultant. Sr. Vice President of RADIOLOGY-Planning and Founder of Gilk Radiology Consultants.

Past Chair of the ABMRS.

  Martin John Graves, PhD FIPEM MRCR(Hon) FISMRM FBIR MRSE (MRSC™)

Professor of MR Physics at the University of Cambridge and Honorary Consultant Clinical Scientist at Cambridge University Hospitals. Expertise in MRI pulse sequence development, MR safety and MR education. General MR Safety and MR Conditional devices. System Architect and MR safety expert at Philips, Convener of the MR safety standard IEC 60601-2-33, Member of ISO/IEC JWG on AIMDs and ASTM for MR Conditional labeling.

    Kristan Harrington, MBA, R.T. (R)(MR) MRSO(MRSC™)

I have been working in the field of MRI since 1995 where I began my career at Emory University in Atlanta, Ga.  I moved to Philips Healthcare in 1998 where I spent 12 years in various roles including Applications Specialist, Asset Manager, and Manager of Clinical Education for MRI, Cardiovascular, CR, DR and PACS.  She left Philips in 2009 and went on Faculty at Emory University overseeing the Bachelor’s Degree in MRI.  She also joined the team at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta where I still work PRN currently.  I began working with Bill Faulkner and William Faulkner & Associates in 2009 and we have been business partners since that time delivering MRI Education worldwide with a focus on MRI Safety.

  Michael N. Hoff, Ph.D, DABR, MRSO (MRSC™)

Diagnostic medical/MRI physicist at the University of California San Francisco, specializing in MRI safety, artifacts, and quality assurance with a background in MRI physics research.

  Mary Ellen Jafari, MS, DABR, MRSO (MRSC™), MRSE (MRSC™), FACR Chief Physicist and Regional Radiation Safety Officer, Kaiser Permanente Southern California Region, Pasadena, CA. Expertise in general MR Safety, special expertise in implant safety, and ACR and TJC accreditation.
    Jeff Jahn, BAS, RT (R,  (MR) General MR safety. Consultant Clinical Scientist and Head of MR Physics, Guy’s & St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust, London, UK.


General MR safety, radiologist/risk-benefit assessment, additional expertise in MR contrast agent safety. Director of MR Services at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. Chief, Division of Emergency Radiology and Teleradiology

Past Chair and Founder of the ABMRS


Krystal M. Kirby, PhD, DABR, MRSE (MRSC™)

Diagnostic/MRI Physicist at Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center and Adjunct Associate Professor at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, LA, specializing in MR in radiation therapy, MR protocol optimization, and MR safety


Kellye Mantooth, RT(R)(MR), MRSO (MRSC™), MRSE (MRSC™)

General MR Safety with expertise in Clinical Applications & Reasoning. National MR Safety Trainer at Metrasens.


Cormac McGrath, Ph.D., MIPEM, MRSO (MRSC™), MRSE (MRSC™)

Consultant Clinical Scientist, Head of the Non-Ionising Radiation Group for the Northern Ireland Regional Medical Physics Service, Past Chair of the MR-SIG for the Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine (IPEM), UK.


Mustafa Hussein Adil Mohamed, BSHP. R.T. (R) (MR) (MRSO) (MRSC™)


MR Technologist, Clinical Preceptor, Mayo Clinic MRI School Admissions Committee member


Vera Kimbrell, MEd RT MR, MR technologist

General MR safety, clinical applications and education.


John A. Nyenhuis, Ph.D.

General MR safety, special expertise in RF heating and gradient dB/dt safety issues. President of Bemcalc, Inc. and Professor Emeritus at Purdue University


Laurie Oberholtzer, RT(R), MHA, MRSO(MRSC™), CRA

Program Manager Radiology, Barnes-Jewish Hospital

    Jonathan Phillips, PhD MRSE (MRSC™)

Jon leads the NHS-based MR Physics Group in Swansea, Wales, UK. The Group provides clinical scientific support to a number of organisations across Wales.   He is a registered Clinical Scientist and a registered higher specialist scientist.  Jon is also an Honorary Senior Lecturer at Swansea University and enjoys teaching and research.

    Mary Reaves, BS,RT( R),(CT),(MR), MRSO (MRSC™)

Radiology Operations Coordinator/ MRI Safety Officer. MRI Technologist; I currently oversee MRI quality and safety for a large organization including both Inpatient and outpatient facilities. (60+ MRI Scanners).

    John Reyna, RT(R)(CT)(MR), MRSO (MRSC™), MRSE (MRSC™), CPPS General MR safety, Medical Device MR Safety Specialist. MRI Technologist-MRI Educator, Expertise in advanced MRI Acute care, education, and operations, Certified Professional in Patient Safety

Jeffrey Rogg, MD, MRMD (MRSC™) FACR

Professor Emeritus Department of Diagnostic Imaging, Clinician Educator  Alpert Medical School, Brown University

    Albert Roh, MD, MRMD (MRSC™)

Medical Director, Valleywise Health

  Kristin Seitz, MSRS, RT(R)(MR)(CT), MRSO (MRSC™)

General MR safety; MRI/CT Technologist, MR Safety Officer Ohio Health, Columbus Ohio
Author, Content Reviewer and Directed Readings Technical Reviewer, ASRT Radiologic Technology journal


William F. Sensakovic

Assoc. Prof. and Chair, Div. Diagnostic Medical Physics, Mayo  Clinic (Arizona)  Founder, Telerad Physics Teaching, LLC

Joanna Leigh Shechtel, MD, MRMD (MRSC™)

Musculoskeletal radiologist and MRI Medical Director for Vanderbilt University Hospital, Nashville, TN.


Steven Sherry, MD, MRMD (MRSC™)

  Daniel Smock, BHS RT(R)(CT)(MR), MRSO (MRSC™) MRI Supervisor, Technologist, MR Safety Officer, Radiology Education Advisor at Children’s Mercy, Kansas City, MO.

Lisa Singer, MD, Ph.D. 

Radiation Oncologist
University of California, San Francisco 


R. Jason Stafford, Ph.D., DABR, FAAPM

Professor & Section of MR Physics Chief, Department of Imaging Physics, MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX


Michael Steckner, Ph.D., MBA, MRSE (MRSCTM)

Co-convenor ISO/IEC JWG (TS10974), member IEC MT40 (IEC 60601-2-33), MRI Scientist


Shane M Stewart, R.T.(R)(MR)(CT) MRSO(MRSC™)


Started in MRI the 1990s at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, GA. In the year 2000 I transitioned to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. I was promoted to lead after a couple of years and have worked as a lead since. Have been involved in writing, revising, and implementing MRI safety policies as a member of the MRI safety committee.


Wendy J. Stirnkorb, MBA, CRA, RT (R) (MR), MRSO (MRSC™)

General MR Safety, Imaging leadership, Leadership development. Special expertise in Imaging Operations, LEAN Six Sigma, and technologist engagement. Imaging educator. Director of Imaging, Tri State Health, Clarkston, Washington. President, Founder and CEO of Stirnkorb Consulting, LLC. Clarkston, Washington

    Nancy Talbot, MAppSc, MRT (MR) (R) MRSO (MRSC™) MRI Manager University Health Network, MRI Supervisor Princess Margaret Cancer Center, Co-Chair MRI Safety Safety Committee Joint Department of Medical Imaging

Siegfried Trattnig, MD, MRMD (MRSC™)

Director of the MR Center of Excellence at the Medical University of Vienna, developer of Austrian MR safety standards; representative to the Intersocietal Committee/European Work Group on MR Safety.

  Johan van den Brink, PhD

MR safety expert at Philips, Convenor of the MR safety standard IEC 60601-2-33


Robert Watson, MD, Ph.D., MRMD (MRSC™)

MRMD Mayo Clinic Radiology, Rochester MN. Chair, ACR MR Safety Committee    

Past Chair of the ABMRS.

    Rachel Watt, (MSc MRI), (BSc Radiography) Rachel obtained an MSc in MRI following studies at the University of Queensland. Upon her return to the UK, she has held MRI Lead radiographer posts in the NHS and private sectors, combined with lecturing at post graduate level and being a technical assessor for QSI.  Rachel has been an active member of the BAMRR Policy Board, BIR MR SIG and MRAG for many years, being passionate about MRI safety, teaching and education and is currently working as a clinical MRI radiographer. 
    James Webb Jr RT(R)(MR), MRSO (MRSC™) Imaging Clinical Specialist-MR Safety Officer Rhode Island and Hasbro Children’s Hospital Providence, RI
    Dr Daniel Wilson Ph.D. MRSE (MRSC™)

General MR safety. Consultant clinical scientist and Head of MR Physics, Leeds Teaching Hospitals, UK.


Bernd J. Wintersperger, MD, EBCR, FAHA, FISMRM, MRMD (MRSC™)

Cardiovascular Radiologist, Director of Magnetic Resonance Imaging & Cardiac Imaging, MRMD, General MR Safety, Contrast Agents

Organizational Liaisons (Non-Voting)

  Lori Ann Grubowski Burns, RT(R) American Healthcare Radiology Administrators (AHRA) Delegate

Rebecca A. Quest, MRSE (MRSC™)

Consultant Clinical Scientist and Head of MR Physics at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, London UK