Examination Content

The link, below, is to the Examination Content Syllabus. It is designed to help the prospective examinee identify the major topics of interest that are likely to be included on the certification examination. Please note that the same Examination Content Syllabus applies for the MRMD, MRSO, and MRSE examinations. The differences among the examinations will focus on such areas as the relative depth of knowledge required of various topics and the relative emphasis of the topics themselves within the examination. For example, the MR Physician/MRMD examination will have a far greater focus on the GBCA section than will the MRSE examination, whereas the depth of knowledge of some of the underlying physics will be far greater in the MRSE examination than the MRSO examination, etc.

This MRMD/MRSO/MRSE Examination Content Syllabus can be freely downloaded and/or reproduced and/or distributed as long as the following two conditions are met:

  1. The file is distributed unmodified in any way in content or format; and
  2. The origin of the file being from the American Board of Magnetic Resonance Safety on the ABMRS Web Site at www.abmrs.org is clearly stated and acknowledged to each recipient to whom this file is provided.

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