The Organization

The ABMRS is an independent, not-for-profit organization that was founded in 2014 by Dr. Emanuel Kanal for the purpose of ensuring the safety of patients, health care practitioners, and all others who might be found in or near clinical or research magnetic resonance equipment and environments. This is carried out by evaluating and certifying the individuals who are charged with ensuring safety in clinical and research MR suites.

To assist the ABMRS in accomplishing its mission and objectives, the ABMRS also:

  1. Provides to the public and medical community information about the board certification process and which professionals are MR Safety Certified (MRSC™) by the Board; and
  2. Works together with healthcare professionals to help promote knowledge and competency regarding safety in the environment of MR equipment; and
  3. Increases awareness throughout the industry of the importance of ABMRS board certification and safe practices in the MR environment.