ABMRS Certifying Examinations Availability Markedly Expanded

The American Board of Magnetic Resonance Safety


ABMRS Certifying Examinations Availability Markedly Expanded

ABMRS announced that, effective immediately, the MRI safety certifying exams for MR Medical Director / Physician, MR Safety Officer, and MR Safety Expert, may be made available for administration to virtually any organization, event, or meeting

In the past six months, since the ABMRS first began administering these certification examinations, almost 400 candidates from across the United States, Canada, and overseas have already registered for and taken one of the MRMD, MRSO, or MRSE examinations.  In order to accommodate the growing national demand for MR Safety Certified™ (MRSC™) credentialed professionals, the ABMRS is making administrations of the certifying examinations available to organizations that provide the exam venue, proctors, and guaranteed minimum number of examination registrants. This means that any seminar, facility, university, or professional meeting can also provide a credentialing opportunity for MRSC™ certification.

“The response to our certifications in 2015 has been such that we realize that we need to be able to respond to demand in our field, whenever and wherever it occurs,” said Dr. Emanuel Kanal, Founder and Chairman of the ABMRS. “This decision will enable those in special situations, such as universities, professional or societal meetings, etc. – to arrange for timely and more convenient access to the administration of these examinations. In this manner, if a University had sufficient numbers of professionals seeking such certification at their site, they can now arrange for these certification examinations to be brought to their own institution at a time of their convenience, resulting in considerable savings in travel and lodging costs and marked increases in convenience for potential examinees.”  Full details of the requirements for exam-sponsoring organizations are available from the ABMRS website (Requirements for Administration of Exam).

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For interview / quotes, please contact:

Emanuel Kanal, MD, MRMD, FACR, FISMRM, AANG Chairman, ABMRS ekanal@pitt.edu
Tobias Gilk, March, MRSO, HSDQ Secretary / Treasurer, ABMRS TGilk@MRIpatientsafety.com

For more information on the ABMRS and the MR Safety Certified™ exams, please visit www.ABMRS.org